Services for the current week are on the Welcome Page
Regular Services are detailed below:

For anyone new to church services, these are celebrations where we gather together to express our Christian faith through music, prayer, Bible readings, reflections, and fellowship with those around us. At St Bride’s our liturgy (form of worship) is sometimes described as “high church” because it is full of rich language, music and ritual, accompanied by incense and bells. We are proud of our Anglo-Catholic tradition, but our worship is inclusive. It doesn’t matter if you don’t stand up or sit down at the same time as everyone else, or if you don’t feel comfortable making the sign of the cross. Just come and sit, watch and listen, sing and pray with us, and stay for refreshments and chat afterwards. The service booklet we use will also give you more explanations about what we do in our services and why.

Our hope is that everyone will leave our worship feeling renewed, and more able to face life’s joys and challenges with a greater awareness of God in our lives and in the people with whom we spend time. After any of our services, please introduce yourself to one of the Clergy, who will gladly arrange a time to meet and explore aspects of life at St Bride’s with you.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Most are suspended for the time being due to the Covid restrictions.
The main Sunday service at 10.30am is maintained but as a shortened said service

10.30 am – Choral Eucharist (1970 Liturgy)

3rd Sunday in month
3.30 pm – Choral Evensong and Benediction (except July and August)

5.30 pm – Evening Prayer
6.00 pm – The Eucharist (1970 Liturgy)

7.30 am – Morning Prayer
8.00 am – The Eucharist (1982 Liturgy)

5.30 pm – Evening Prayer
6.00 pm – The Eucharist (1970 Liturgy)

9.00 am – Morning Prayer
10.00 am – The Eucharist (1970 Liturgy) with hymns

1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays in month
9.00 am – Morning Prayer
9.30 am – The Eucharist (1982 Liturgy)

2nd Saturday in month
9.00 am – Morning Prayer
12.00 noon – Holy Rosary
12.30 pm – Votive Mass of Our Lady (1970 Liturgy)

4th Saturday in month
9.00 am – Morning Prayer
12.00 noon – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
12.30 pm – The Eucharist (1970 Liturgy)



Please contact a member of the Clergy.


We pray the Rosary communally in church on the second Saturday of the month at 12 noon. This act of prayer and reflection is followed by a Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Scottish Liturgy 1970). For information on the Rosary see our Links page.

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