Knit and Natter group

St Bride’s Knit and Natter group meets in the church kitchen (entrance via left side rear door, ground level – ring the doorbell if the door is closed) every Thursday at 11.00 am. We knit for South African newborn babies who go home from various hospitals without any baby clothes to wear. We can provide some wool, knitting needles and patterns for any folk that would like to join us to natter, drink tea, coffee and eat some cake. No regular commitment is required; just come and go as it suits. Contact Elaine Bruff ( to find out more.

KnitNat hats         KnitNat snaps

KnitNatter display

Knit and Natter Production Line!

The Knit and Natter group at St Bride’s has been keeping those needles clicking. Our aim, other than having fun, coffee and cake, is to knit baby garments for a hospital in South Africa. The new mothers, who are cared for at the hospital, come with nothing for their newborn babies and our knitted jumpers and hats are given out to help them. One of our members takes the garments out twice a year, and returns with an empty suitcase. This January we managed to fill her outgoing case with around 100 baby jumpers and matching hats, which was a great achievement for our small group. We must also thank another generous lady who has knitted from home and joined with us to provide these much needed items.

Our other project has been to knit hats for the Mission to Seafarers. Many of the seafarers are unable to leave their vessels for many months, and the warm, homely hats are given out to them. Our other hats recently were donated to the Glasgow Street Pastors. The Street Pastors go out, onto the streets of Glasgow centre and the West End on Friday and Saturday nights. They offer assistance, help defuse situations, talk to people and are a helpful presence out at night. As part of their work they make contact with many homeless people on the streets, and our hats are offered to individuals who would like one. We actually don’t know the number of hats we gave to the Street Pastors recently, but they filled a large hold-all! Our thanks go especially to June, our “Hat-knitting Queen”.

If anyone would like to join us, we meet at St Bride’s, around the kitchen table, on Thursday mornings from 11.00 am. If anyone would like to donate wool, we use double knitting (acrylic please) and would be happy to accept any left-over balls from any projects. If you would like to learn to knit, we love to show wannabe knitters the ropes, so please do come along – and bring a friend! 🙂

Elaine Bruff, February 2017

A letter of thanks to the Knit and Natter group:

14th November 2015

To the Knitters of St Bride’s.

Sylvia has kindly delivered all your “works of love” to me. We on the Orphaned and Vulnerable Childrens’ Committee thank you so much for your kindness and labours of love.
The baby clothes are delivered to the Maternity units of various public hospitals, where social workers distribute the garments to the most needy.
We are grateful that these acts of charity find homes in South Africa.

God bless you all

Jane Sproule

OVC Committee

St Martins in the Veld.


Women’s Group

The St Bride’s Women’s Group (men are also welcome!) was formed in March 2010 initially to develop the social side of the church, and to support and pray for each other. Outreach is an aim of our Mission Plan at St Bride’s, and it was agreed that it would be open to women and men of all denominations. Everyone was (and is) encouraged to “bring a friend” with them. We have members from other churches who attend regularly.

Typically our meetings start with a prayer and then we have a visiting speaker. Tea and refreshments follow (a donation is suggested, to cover our costs), and we have an average of 14 people at each meeting. Generally we meet in the Crypt at St Bride’s between 2.00-4.00 pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month. We occasionally go on visits to local places of interest, so please check the Calendar of Events (at the back of The Oystercatcher magazine) before coming along.

If you would like more information, please contact Jan Carlisle on 334 8950. We would love to see you – a warm welcome awaits you!

Syllabus 2016

11 February: God and Me – Speaker: Father Kevin Francis
10 March: Crossreach Heart for Art – Speaker: Pamela McKay
14 April: Flower Arranging, Birthday Cake
12 May: Glasgow Tearooms – Speaker: John Hume
9 June: A Springtime Cruise through Paris – Speaker: Ann Laird
14 July: The Troubles – Speaker: Father Kenneth Roach
11 August: Tea at Caffe Parma
8 September: Tea at Dobbies Garden Centre
13 October: Coptic Christians in Egypt – Speaker: Hanan Latallah
10 November: My Homes in France – Speaker: Miles Gaythwaite
8 December: Celebration Party or lunch out together (TBC)

Syllabus 2017

9 February: St Bride’s – Speaker: Father Kevin Francis
9 March: Artistic Treasures of Venice – Speaker: Duncan Thomson
13 April: A Book I Enjoyed – Speakers: Our Members
11 May: Enamel Work – Speaker: Veronica Matthew
8 June: Visit to Govan Old Church
13 July: Afternoon Tea at Braehead
10 August: Interfaith Visit
14 September: Making Cards – Demonstration/Workshop
12 October: West End Update – Speaker: Ann Laird
9 November: Suggestions for 2018 – Speakers: Our Members
14 December: Christmas Tea Party


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